Tina Fierce Attacks Spcie Diana For Wearing Fake Clothes

Former Urban TV Scoop on Scoop presenter Tina Fierce is one woman known for her views that usually rub some celebrities the wrong way.

In her recent YouTube podcast, Tina attacked female singer Spice Diana for leaving a fake lifestyle.

This follows Spice Diana’s recent rant about the Janzi Awards which she accused of being biased.

The Body singer took to her Facebook page and asked people to discuss about these awards.

Tina Fierce however attacked the singer saying she should feel the ‘heat’ too.

She reminded the singer how her and her fellow singers have always been silent on the challenges faced by Ugandans.

Tina Fierce further told Spice Diana to keep quiet and stick to her music before slamming her for wearing fake things

The former Urban TV presenter also wondered who these artists were going to perform for when concerts are reopened.

“Spice Diana my dear, I want you to calm down and keep quiet. Why had you never come out to side with the oppressed Ugandans. You only want to talk about challenges when your faced with these problems. All of you artists should pick a leaf from Davido. He’s a rich boy but when the people were being oppressed, he sided with them. That’s why he got lots of money when he asked for it on his birthday.”

“We are just tired of you musicians who think things to do with politics don’t concern you. All you should do is keep to your music and wearing fake clothes and accessories from China. You find someone putting on Nikke instead of Nike, Luwisi Viton instead of Louis Vuitton or gussi instead of Gucci. Just give us space and dont make noise for us.” Tina said.

Spice Diana is however one of the singers who has identified with Bobi Wine’s People Power Movement.

She’s even a close friend of Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Kyagulanyi.

Tina was however applauded by some but got slammed by the Spice Gadgets in equal numbers.

It should be recalled that Tina was sacked from Urban TV after alleged cyber bullying of Sheila Gashumba.

Written by Aine Siggy

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