Pictorial: Bobi Wine surprises Barbie with graduation party

Barbra Itungo wife to NUP and Firebase leader Bobi Wine was all smiles as she revealed that her husband treated her to a surprise graduation party.

Barbie graduated last month from the University of London with a Masters Degree in Human Rights.

On returning to the country, her husband picked her from the airport unsuspiciously.

She was however surprised on reaching home at Magere.

Close friends and family members had gathered to celebrate this milestone.

“Late and tired, on 13th December 2021, I reached home to a huge surprise. In Magere, I found my parents, siblings, inlaws, paternal/maternal Aunties and Uncles and close friends converged to celebrate with me my newest academic achievement of a Master Degree in Human Rights. “

“Lately Bobi Wine has normalized picking and dropping me off at the airport so when he picked us up on this day, I barely suspected that he had organized one of those beautiful family gatherings to celebrate my Graduation. Thank you Taata, I love you and of course I will revenge some time soon,” Barbie wrote on her Facebook

Written by Aine Siggy

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