Ray G’s ex claims responsibility of her daughter’s death

Singer Ray G ex known as Liz Ankunda has claimed responsibility of his newly born daughter’s death.

This came after the sad new broke o social media that ray G’s two weeks old baby had difficulties in breathing.

According to Liz Ankunda, Ray G messed up with her life, ate her money and wasted her time something he is going to pay for until he dies.

“Dear Ray G, I warned to be careful with me after messing up the good life we had built together but you couldn’t listen. My beloved ex I will not rest until you pay for my years, and money you wasted. Unless that you gonna cry until you leave this world.”

Ray G’s ex went ahead and made a video on tik tok telling social media users who are sympathizing with Ray G and attacking her to leave her a lone because they don’t know where they started from.

Written by Aine Siggy

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