Stop asking musicians about their personal lives – Lydia Jazmine

Songstress Lydia Jazmine has come out to express her disappointment in reporters who always take it a notch hire to encroach on the privacy of musicians.

This was after a reporter asked her about her marital status.

Jazmine who wasn’t clearly appeased told the reporter that marriage and pregnancy are private issues which the press should avoid.

“I’m tired of reporters asking me about my personal life. Please stop asking musicians a bout marriage and pregnancy. That’s a personal choice which we don’t need to tell everyone about,” she said.

The Kapeesa singer was also asked about rumors of getting signed to TNS.

Jazmine labeled these as baseless rumors which she also has no clue about.

She added that also doesn’t like talking about other artistes affairs.

“I don’t like commenting about affairs concerning other artists and I don’t know anything about their affairs. I haven’t been signed by TNS and I also see the reports as the rest of you on social media. In case I do get signed by anyone, I will let you know,” the Kapeesa singer added.

She’s currently being managed by Ronnie Mulindwa a former manager and member of the defunct Obsessions group.

Written by Aine Siggy

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