Audio: You piece of sh!+ and fool – Anita Fabiola trashes father

An audio allegedly belonging to media personality Anita Fabiola on social media has been making rounds of her trash talking to the father, a one Mathias Mugisha.

In this audio, Anita is heard telling the father how stupid and coward he is.

She even regrets why he gave birth to her and if she could, she would vomit and denounce him as a father.

All this allegedly happened after a family misunderstanding that led to the father thumping his son into a coma and got him admitted in ICU.

“You coward and idiot, you stupid man, how could you beat up your son to a coma. I wish I could vomit you and denounce you from being my father. How did you even give birth. You’re just a piece of poop,” Fabiola said.

Its not yet known who leaked this audio but Fabiola has been slaying normally via her social media pages.

Meanwhile it’s said Fabiola’s father was put on a suicide watch after he posted a post saying he had given up on his childen.

Written by Aine Siggy

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