Anita Fabiola and father make amends as they make up

Socialite and media personality Anita Fabiola looks set to make amends with her father Mathias Mugisha.

A few days ago, a voice note circulated on social media of the former NTV Be My Date presenter trash talking her father.

Fabiola insulted her father with some heavy words even calling her poop since he had beaten his son into a coma.

Mugisha even almost thought of suicide as seen in his some of his social media posts.

Both sides were criticized but Fabiola most for degrading her father.

A close source to the family however says that the family has decided to seek professional help to amend their differences.

 “Matthias Mugisha and family over the last few days have been faced with a situation of deep emotional challenges. However, as a family, we thank all our friends and relatives who came to our support in various forms and ways. We are currently being attended to by requisite spiritual and emotional professionals and seeking more professional assistance in various ways to resolve our family issues,” a released statement by the family read.

Mugisha had also questioned who Mark Ronald Fabiola’s boyfriend is since he doesn’t know him.

Mugisha however indicated that he’s willing to work with his family to stability and harmony.

“Personally am committed to creating a harmonious environment with my immediate family as well as the not so immediate family such as my in-laws who I recognize as stakeholders in my family now,” the statement further read.

Fabiola is yet to make any public statement in regards to this issue.

Written by Aine Siggy

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