Stop buying cheap fake awards – Tina Fierce to Spice Diana

Former Urban TV Scoop on Scoop presenter Tina Fierce is not about to let her newly found beef with Spice Diana rest.

Shes now come out to mock an award the Upendo singer won on Monday.

Spice Diana was crowned the best female singer in East, North and South Africa in the AEAUSA Awards.

As the Spice Gadgets congratulated their star for soaring to greater heights,Tina wasn’t having any of this drama.

She at first laughed at the awards for being fake adding that even the local awards Spice Diana was whining about not winning are far better than these she won.

Tina then questioned how much Spice Diana’s manager Roger had paid to fraudulently win this award.

Tina has been biting Spice Diana hard ever since she exposed her bitterness over losing out in the local awards to Azawi.

The now YouTube blogger, Tina told Spice Diana to just do good music and stop whining.

Written by Aine Siggy

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