Kulthum Muzaata brags about snatching someone’s man

Dr Kulthum Muzaata widow to the late Sheikh Muzaata has come out to brag about snatching someone’s man.

Kulthum’s marriage (kuwowa) photos made it to the public eye yesterday after they surfaced on social media.

She came out to clarify and confirm that she indeed got married to the man in the pics only identified as Akram.

However a certain lady who claims to be Akram’s girlfriend came out to allege that he conned 20M shillings from her only to use it to marry Kulthum.

Kulthim however trashed all the critics and confirmed that she’s the one with the man adding that the haters should go and hang.

“Everyone should know that I’m the one with the man and I’m not letting go of Akram. He’s mine alone. That 20m shillings being cried for is so little for me. It doesn’t befit me,” Kulthum said.

Akram also refuted the claims of having been betrothed to another woman.

He said that he doesn’t know this woman called Tasha.

Besides, he added that 20m is so small to marry off a woman like Kulthum.

Written by Aine Siggy

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