Trouble in paradise: War for the soupy Kulthum heats up

Women, I said women, just learn to use what your mama gave you and you will have men crawling for you with all your dreams in their hands.

After news of Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata getting married to a one Akram, the war for her forbidden fruit has started to heat up.

This is after another man known as Ntale came out to claim her.

Ntale says that he has been looking after Kulthum with hope that he will marry her.

He even went ahead to renovate Muzaata’s home.

Ntale who deals in cosmetics however revealed what turned him off was Kulthum’s request for a house and a land title as the ‘Mahare’ (bride price).

“I was looking after and supporting her like a widow and an orphan. Sheikh Muzaata’s home needed to be renovated and I did that. I have been having hopes that I will marry her,” Ntale said.

However, Kulthum said that he should seat his tail down and sell his cosmetics in peace.

She added that she’s already taken and doesn’t care about anything else now.

Akram the new bae in town also asked this Ntale guy to count the amount of money he’s given to Kulthum and they will return it.

Contrary to those who have been calling him a conman, Akram said that no broke man can marry Kulthum because she’s a full package.

Akram further said that Ntale studied in Kulthum’s class but didn’t pass the exams whereas he passed.

He also said that he gave the Mahare of the house which Kulthum wanted and it’s in Buziga.

Written by Aine Siggy

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