Photos: Lynda Ddane shocks internet after parading huge mansions

Sometimes it’s good to work in silence and not show off, simply shock them when you feel you are ready.

It seems the case with NTV and Kfm’s sexy, curvaceous and sassy presenter Lynda Ddane .

She took to her Instagram page to show off her her properties in form of a huge storied house that is currently under construction.

Standing in front of this gigantic structure, Lynda captioned it with “A toast ? to new beginnings #2022.”

This saw a number of comments pouring in with some congratulating her while others doubted if the storied building is hers.

Fellow media personality Anita Fabiola in the comments congratulated her and said she’s proud of Lynda’s hustle.

This structure looks to have swallowed up billions of shillings and is indeed set to consume more as it is yet to be completed.

There is no clarity for now if it is indeed Lynda Ddane’s but still no proof that it’s not hers.

She’s been around the media for a number of years now and is currently one of the top media personalities and brand ambassadors.

Many could argue that her source of income can’t get her building such houses which looks like it will be palatial rental homes.

But well then she won’t announce all her income sources in public only because she’s in the limelight.

Congratulations Lynda Ddane.

Written by Aine Siggy

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