Kulthum Muzaata unbothered by social media critics

Love is a beautiful thing and if you don’t know then look out for the late Sheikh Nuhu Batte Muzaata’s widow, Dr Kulthum Muzaata.

Kulthum is over the moon ever since she fell in love and got married to the love of her life, Akram.

While responding to the media about how she met Akram, Kulthum said that she’s not bothered by the critics.

She also revealed that a one Ntale who came in the media alleging that he injected a lot of money into Kulthum and her foundation is just jealous.

Kulthum said that he tried to hit on her but wasn’t successful.

She also rubbished rumors alleging that her current man is a South African sangoma (witch doctor).

“All those talking ill about me and my man are just jealous. That man Ntale wanted me but Allah didn’t bless him for me but instead did so for my man. The truth is he wanted me but just like the many others, he didn’t pass through. If he wants the money he gave me, it supported the girl child in the Muzaata foundation but it can be refunded back to him,” Kulthum said.

All the meanwhile Kulthum couldn’t help but “kwekoza” as she talked about her man.

Asked why she chose him in particular, Kulthum said that just a look at him doesn’t need to explain why she chose him.

She told off the haters and asked them to watch the space as they enjoy themselves.

Written by Aine Siggy

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