TNS new singer Rahmah Pinky in hot soup over stealing song

TNS new singer Rahmah Pinky is in hot soup after being accused by another upcoming singer for stealing her song.

Khuco Robins Kyes says that she penned the Superstar song on her own and funded it at a certain studio in Kireka.

She was however beyond shocked after hearing Pinky singing the same song.

Robins warned Jeff Kiwa and Pinky to back off her song or she will seek legal help.

However Pinky who has even already shot the music video said that this artist should consult with those she gave the song.

This is because for them, they bought the song and where it came from is none of their business.

She also revealed that her mother is her biggest fan and proud of her.

“I think that artist claiming the song should get in touch with the studio where she did the song from because we bought the song and didn’t steal it. The video has already been shot and everything was funded by my management. My mother is my biggest fan and she’s very proud of me. I completed my senior six, and I think at campus I’m allowed to live a free life so I will juggle school and music,” she said.

She also asked people to stop likening her to Sheebah because they are so different.

Written by Aine Siggy

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