Buchaman shows Bobi Wine what ghetto presidents do

Singer and self proclaimed ghetto president Buchaman has come out to show his former boss, Bobi Wine how the president of the Ghetto acts.

This was after the Temumatira singer lobbied briquette making machines for the ‘ghetto yutis.’

These were provided by KCCA, OWC and the Uganda Manufacturers Association.

According to Buchaman, one machine will be making 60 sacks a day and employing 1000 people.

Besides, it will help in ridding the city of the too much waste in form of plastic waste.

“I’m so glad to the different parties who have partnered and availed these machines to us more especially the ghetto youths. Many people have been buying briquettes from the ghetto but the resources we have been using have been scarce but with machines, more output will be got with less effort.”

“One machine can make about 60 sacks a day and employ over 1000 people. It will also help to get rid of waste materials especially plastic because it’s also a raw material,” Buchaman revealed.

Buchaman is the presidential advisor on ghetto affairs and seems to be getting his work on track.

Written by Aine Siggy

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