Ugandan DJays are greedy – Raga Dee

Legendary artist Kaziibwe Daniel commonly known as Raga Dee has revealed that Ugandan DJays are very greedy.

This came after they accused him of eating their money that was given to them by Gen Salim Saleh last year.

According to Raga Dee, he gave DJays 10 millions and they signed for it DJ Nimrod inclusive and there is no way they would say he ate their money if not greedy.

“Ugandan DJays are very greedy. I gave them their money 10 millions and they signed for it. But because they need more money that’s why they are all on me.” Raga Dee said

Singer Raga Dee said he was once a DJay and he knows everything about Djaying so Ugandan DJays should stop thinking they are very special than others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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