Nancy Kalembe risks loosing property due to accumulated debts

The former presidential candidate Nancy Kalembe faces a huge blow as she risks loosing most of her properties due to accumulated bank debts.

In a notice revealed by the, the bank has instructed Orts Advocates to sell Kalembe’s properties under public auctioning due to failure to pay her debts.

The properties along Kyadondo block 246 plot 1779 and Bulemeezi block 443 plot 112, 115 and 116 may be sold off by Ortus advocates within 30 days after the date of notice issued to Kalembe.

“upon instructions from our client, a financial institution, we shall proceed to sell by public auction/private treaty the property (land and its developments) under the mortgage Act 2009 and deed unless the debtor pays all monies owning principal and interest plus our fees, costs and disbursement before the date of sale,” read part of the notice.

Kalembe who ran as a presidential candidate as an independent in the 2021 general elections being the only female candidate, she has faced a lot difficulties with debts from various institutions and clients she worked with.

Written by Aine Siggy

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