MP Betty Nambooze blasts Susan Makula for comparing herself to Nnabagerekka

Susan Makula continues to be on the receiving end of whoever can and the latest to blast her is Mukono Mucincipality MP, Hon Betty Nambooze.

This was after numerous photos that have been making rounds on social media likening Makula to the Nnabagerekka of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda.

It’s alleged that the controversial Makula also tells close pals how she somehow resembles the Nnabagerekka.

When Nambooze learnt of this, she sent a stern warning to Makula to stop her foolery and leave the queen mother out of her mouth.

Nambooze told Makula that her foolery should stop on politicians and other categories and not the Buganda cultural leaders especially the queen.

“Nyabo Namakula eyeddira olugave, bwekiba nti oli muganda tereza ebintu byo..tokiddamu okumanyira kabaka waffe, nagabereka n’abaana bengooma…manyira ffe abasaba obululu..Maama wa Buganda tomweyogerezako. Obuwangwa bwaffe, ennono n’empisa tebikiriza kwegeza ku kabaka oba nabakyala. Nabakyala wa Buganda tayogerwako ndowoza owulide,” Nambooze spat fire.

Makula has received a lot of backlash ever since ever since she decided to legalize her relationship with Pastor Bugingo.

She has been labeled as a man snatcher and home breaker.

Written by Aine Siggy

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