Jeff Kiwa attacks Sheebah

Once upon a time friends and business partners Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa seem like enemies looming soon.

The pair parted ways last year and each embarked on new business ventures.

Sheebah got a new management and Jeff signed a new artist in Rahmah Pinky.

The two however seem not to have taken their breakup in good faith and have started to attack each other indirectly.

While speaking to Sqoop magazine as quoted by Howeebiz, Jeff referred to Sheebah as a ‘lipstick artist who lost focus.”

Jeff further said that five years are enough for an artist to become an international brand.

However, when they are into small things such as photoshoots and making up, then all they can achieve is remaining a video vixen.

“You find someone spending all their time plastering blood-red lipsticks and taking photos. How do you sell your music that way?” Kiwa was quoted by the 

“Five years are enough for you to be a brand material and an international artiste but when you’re fixated with small things like red lipstick, you remain just a vixen,” he added.

This seems to have been directed at Sheebah who has also been throwing subtle digs at her former manager.

Written by Aine Siggy

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