Julie Mutesasira celebrates wife’s birthday with heatrful message

Canada based Gospel Singer Julie Mutesasira originally known as Nalugya Juliet has celebrated her wife’s birthday Lynette with a heartful message.

Julie took it to her social media platforms and showered her wife with a lot of love words in an open letter. She explained to her how much she loves her.

I have watched you push through when you have been pulled down.I have seen you find strength when you are at the weakest. You have managed to conquer every day by the grace of God you have walked through as if nothing was attacking you from the inside still you have held your head high and kept the smile you so strong baby and so loving you an amazing lady I met and am so proud of you. You never let what you going through hold you from taking care of us all you were there still Thank you for loving me and us at found a space in your heart while you were still trying to love new parts of you that you didn’t understand you didn’t hesitate hun you loved me still and I love you more baby everyday. ? ? my best friend enjoy your day . I love you and will always. I will always be here for you when you need a shoulder to lean on I got you. I love you happy birthday again my love. I love you 

Julie married and wedded a fellow woman in 2019 after separating with her husband Pastor Steven Mutesasira.

Written by Aine Siggy

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