The Bugingo-Makula saga- Susan Makula denies being married to Bugingo

It seems Pastor Aloysious Bugingo and his mistress Susan Makula are all afraid of the court case filed by city lawyer Male Mabirizi.

The duo has been denying their marriage despite what was seen last year.

Bugingo and Makula got married in a traditional marriage ceremony which was attended by close friends and family.

However, Bugingo denied marrying Makula and said that it was just a casual visit to her home.

Equally Makula has also denied the marriage saying that she was just showing him to her parents.

“I have a man who wants to marry me and he will marry me anytime.  Because he wants and will marry me, my people wanted to know who he is and as a child who was brought up well, I can’t get married to someone without showing him to my parents first.” She said.

Makula then added that its only her parents who are left to decide whether she marries him or not.

“So after showing him to them, they now have to decide if they liked him for me or not. They will then write a letter which will be taken to church showing that they have agreed, so from there we will go to church and do the marriage ceremony.  Since I’m a born again Christian, I’m waiting for that.” Makula added.

She was questioned why the invitation cards had the word Kwanjula written on them.

And guess what she replied, a lazy and lacking answer of course

“In fact, I was going to write the word in English that “Welcome home” but I realised when they had already written there “Kwanjula,” Makula defended 

Written by Aine Siggy

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