Bobi Wine knew Lumbuye was stealing people and kept quiet- Peng Peng

Social media blogger Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng has come out to allege that NUP leader Bobi Wine knew that NUP propagandist Fred Lumbuye was stealing people and he kept quiet.

In fact Bobi Wine helped to aid Lumbuye’s conning of his sympathizers after posting him.

This is after Lumbuye’s clashes with NUP supporters over circumstances surrounding his arrest.

This was after Lumbuye asked for the balance of 4000 dollars that was supposed to be sent to him but didn’t of the 71000 USD collected.

NUP supporters who were so concerned about his arrest felt irritated that he has never explained his arrest but only cared about the money.

These straight away attacked him led by Patricia Ssewungu and accused him of staging his own arrest to con them.

Peng Peng said that Patricia Ssewungu knew Lumbuye’s arrest was drama but she aided him.

It’s after the accountability goes wrong rhat Ssewungu decided to expose Lumbuye.

The Sweden based blogger said that propaganda is expensive that’s why it has to be paid for and Bobi Wine also knew this reason he posted Lumbuye.

“Sometimes you have to pay for propaganda because it’s very expensive and I thank Bobi Wine too. Lumbuye contributed a lot to the struggle that’s why Bobi Wine’s post helped Lumbuye a lot to get the money. Other NUP leaders like Muwadda also blew Lumbuye’s ambitions,” Peng said.

He added that that’s how politics works citing the Mbabazi and Aine saga in the 2016 elections.

Peng said that the Opposition politics runs on politics and stunts.

He further said that Lumbuye had to use his chance to sweep the floor clean while he was still loved and get this money.

For the government saying they had Lumbuye, Peng said that Politics is a mind game of confusion.

Written by Aine Siggy

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