Pastor Mondo speaks out after being accused of child neglect

Socialite pastor, Mondo Franklin Mugisha has come out to address the allegations of child neglect.

A lady by the names of Sarah Nakuya came out this week to accuse the pastor of failure to look after an 11 year old son they allegedly share together.

However Mondo says that he’s not sure if the boy is his.

He added that ever since, the child was born, he’s asked Nakuya a number of times to run a DNA but she refused.

This cast doubts over the paternity and he added that Nakuya is being by a pastor in Kisenyi who Mondo has personal differences with.

Mondo also said that although Nakuya refused to take the child for a DNA, he enrolled the boy under his education program where he provides scholarships to about 27 pupils.

The pastor further said that he doesn’t have money now because churches have been closed for so long and can no longer support the education scheme.

In regards to the alleged arrest warrants issued for him, he laughed it off and wondered how they will arrest him since he lives in the US and not Uganda.

Written by Aine Siggy

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