I want my music back – Yese Omani Rafiki tells Vivian Tendo

Manager and song writer Yese Omani Rafiki has threatened to take away all the music Vivian Tendo has because it is his music.

This came after the two separated and decided to take two different ways though it looks Yese Omani Rafiki was not contented with whatever came out.

Yese Omani Rafiki who threatened to take away Vivian Tendo’s life said he needs all his music back because Vivian Tendo is very stupid in that she can never compose or write a song on her own.

“I want my music before I kill you. I have been struggling with you because your stupid that you can barely compose a song on your own. Your lucky you have a mother to run to but known one day she will die like the way mine died.” Yese Omani Rafiki said

Yese Omani Rafiki has been Vivian Tendo’s manager for now almost four years since she started her music career.

Its alleged that the two have been dating but none of them has confirmed that but we all the truth will come out.

Written by Aine Siggy

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