I’m happy for being on the Bebe Cool list-

Singer Mudra has expressed his excitement for appearing on the Bebe Cool list.

The Onkosa singer said rhst it’s a great privilege to be recognized by a singer of Bebe Cool’s stature because he’s well respected around the industry.

Besides this will make him work even more to make his fans super proud.

Mudra when questioned if he has an upcoming concert said no.

This is because he fears for it to flop and make huge losses.

“I’m really happy for being on the Bebe Cool list. That shows that my work and effort is being recognized. It’s more pleasant especially being recognized by a person like Bebe Cool because he’s been around for ages and basically understands the game more. That gives me more energy too to do more music and I will be releasing the softer music this time because people have been used to me singing dancehall.
For a concert, I won’t be holding one in the near future because I still have a lot of work to do. I want to do one when I’m sure that I will also earn well from it,” he said.

The singer who broke onto the scene in 2020 is also a songwriter who has written for the likes of Cindy .

Written by Aine Siggy

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