You got paid by Vivian Tendo by sweating on top of her- Kasuku to Yesse Oman Rafiki

Dembe FM talk and talk presenter has come out to advise songwriter Yesse Oman Rafiki to forget about Vivian Tendo.

He added that Yesse should stop the threats and move on.

Yesse was heard in the leaked voice notes telling Vivian Tendo to return her music. However Kasuku who said that the two were bonking each other said that Yesse should take the intimate moments as payment.

The sweating on top of Vivian Tendo is enough for him and he should let others also enjoy the Hajjati wa Hajji singer.

“The problem in the entertainment industry usually evolves around money and sex. Girls come to the established people with hopes of helping them and these end up sleeping with them. This probably is the reason Vivian and Yesse got disagreements. Yesse after seeing Vivian progress musically and physically got worried she would be taken from him and decided to make her a house wife yet her sights had also become bigger in her career. I advise Yesse to move on and forget about her and just remain with the memories. Unless he has a contract with her, he can pursue the matter legally. I heard she went back to her former management where Yesse stole her from. So let other guys enjoy too since your term is over. You enjoyed and sweated on top of her so take the memories just. You can even buy a bar of soap,” Kasuku said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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