I was beaten to near death for stealing food in a market- Levixone

Every successful person has a difficult story to tell that is always inspirational.

This is no different from gospel music singer Levixone.

The Turn the Replay singer revealed how he was at one time beaten to a near death for stealing food from the market.

He got chased by women and they beat him up so bad which made him to never steal again.

The singer did all this after he had developed some bad habits that made his family give up on him.

“After doing all kinds of jobs including developing some bad habits, my family gave up on me and they started calling me a failure. I once stole food from a charcoal stove and ran away with it, women ran after me, beat me up, and I promised never to steal again,” he said.

Levixone also revealed how he ran away from home after he was given some heavy punishment.

This all happened after he got himself baptized twice.

He then headed to the streets in Kosovo where he did all kinds of odd jobs.

“”My life has been about hustle. I have done every kind of job in Cosovo including roasting meat on the street, laying bricks, even stealing food. I escaped from home because of getting baptized the second time. I went back home celebrating after getting baptized, my parents punished me and I ran from home,” he further said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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