Hassan Nduga not to stop worshipping small gods

Kadongo Kamu artist Hassan Nduga has vowed to never stop worshipping small god in his entire life.

He said this while having an interview with Sanyuka Television.

Hassan Nduga made this statement while responding to a video that made rounds on social media of him eating on a dustbin like an insane person.

According to Hassan Nduga, he had no problem on his mind but he was pleasing his god because they had sent him to do what he was doing like any other people give tithes in church.

“I can’t stop worshipping my gods because they give me whatever I want. I don’t blame a person who filmed me while doing my things the gods had told me to do because they can never understand.” Hassan Nduga said

Hassan Nduga said Ugandans judge a lot but they should remember Africans are supposed to praise their gods they praised before the whites came in Africa.

Written by Aine Siggy

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