Vivian Tendo and mother reply Yesse Oman Rafiki back

Singer Vivian Tendo and her mother have come out to reply back at songwriter Yesse Oman Rafiki’s threats towards the Hajjati wa Hajji singer.

During her 24th birthday celebration, Tendo said that she’s grateful towards her former Manger for the contribution to her career and she’s not bitter a single bit.

She added that apart from this scandal, Yesse is someone who had always respected her and she returned the same respect.

The singer is however pissed that the songwriter had to involve her mother because she’s not part of the scandals and besides no one likes their mother being trampled on.

Vivian Tendo added that some things are better unsaid and she won’t hit back because she didn’t start all the drama.

“I’m grateful for what he did towards my career because he’s one of its pillars. I can’t be bitter and besides all this he had always respected me and I did the same. What I hated was involving my mother because no one likes their mothers muddled up. I won’t hit back at him because I didn’t start this drama, ” she said.

Meanwhile her mother advised her to just calm down and leave everything to God.

Written by Aine Siggy

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