Faded singer Papa Cidy pleads to fans to help him revive career

Fundraisers amongst musicians and people in the entertainment industry have become quite a phenomenon in the recent past.

The latest to follow this route is faded singer Papa Cidy who asked his fans to help him revive his already buried music career.

While appearing in a local interview, the former Leone Island singer asked fans to help him raise 100m shillings.

The singer further said that his songs have failed to get enough airplay.

This is due to the lack of the financial muscle to push them.

The singer a few months ago revealed how he had concentrated more on tailoring than singing.

He also said that this plea is for the fans and those who feel that he can make it.

Papa Cidy enjoyed a brilliant career under Leone Island where he was Chameleone’s next of kin.

The two released smash hits together such as Jozelina, Tokina Kisa among others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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