I look forward to meeting Sheebah- Rahmah Pinky

New TNS singer has maintained that she has no problem against her predecessor in the label, Sheebah Karungi.

She in fact said that she would be willing to meet her over dinner and have a chat with her.

The young buzzing singer also revealed how she met Jeff and it was rather him who looked for her and not her looking for the talent manager.

“I didn’t look for Jeff, he instead looked for me through a video director known as Eddie Paul. I think the controversies that surrounded me are what pulled him to me.

I don’t know whether Sheebah was still in TNS by the time I joined. However I’m open to meeting her over dinner and we have a chat,” she said.

She also said that before she met him,she knew him as capable manager that has the right potential to push someone’s career.

Pinky also said that she hopes to use her music to empower women and this is not something she copies from Sheebah who also does the same thing.

The Superstar singer also said that despite being 17 years old, she’s joining campus at International University of East Africa next week.

This is because she skipped 3 classes because she was so bright in class.

Written by Aine Siggy

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