Stella Nyanzi seeks asylum again, flies children to Germany

Political activist and city politician Stella Nyanzi has sought asylum again as she flies all her children to Germany.

This comes after one of the activist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija was abducted, tortured and later remanded to prison for unknown reasons to the public and his family.

According to Stella Nyanzi, she thinks she is not safe with her children and its better to take them in a safe and peaceful place as she continues with her freedom to speak and write about the bad deeds of government.

Go to where you are wanted! Go to where your skills and talents are appreciated. Go to where your children are safe even when you speak and write ugly truths to power. Go to where you will flourish when you work hard.

When Kakwenza Rukirabashaija was abducted from his home, illegally detained in unknown military facilities for fourteen days, tortured during interrogation and denied access to his lawyers or doctors for fourteen days, I knew it was time to beat it and flee (yet again). I refuse to be gagged. I refuse to be silenced! Critical writers must never be threatened merely for writing critically about brutal abusers of power flourishing under dictator Museveni.

Bye-bye Museveni’s Uganda! Germany, please be good to me and my children…”

This is the first time Stella Nyanzi is seeking asylum, last year 2021 immediately after the elections, she flew out to Kenya with all her family for almost six month.

Written by Aine Siggy

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