Stop putting down TNS’ new signing Pinky – Jose Chameleon tells media

Singer Jose Chameleon has come out to tell the media to stop putting down Team No Sleep new signing 17 years old Rahmah Pinky.

This came following her recent interviews where she was asked some sensitive questions about TNS’ ex artist Sheebah and also bringing back her past in this recent career.

According to Jose Chameleon, whatever the media is doing to Pinky is not okay with him because she is really a young artist and she needs to be given time to shine.

Out spoken Jose Chameleon said, he even knows some big artists that are always not happy when young talented artists come up because they always think they will not recognized any more.

“I have seen the media trying to put down this new TNS artist Pinky. For sure she is really a young girl trying to bring out her talent and I don’t see any reason for the media to ask her some sensitive questions that will destroy the brand she is trying to build.” Jose Chameleon said while having an interview with NBS Television.

Its not even three months since Pinky was signed but a lot of bad things have been said about her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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