Abraynz sends social media into stir after shocking revelation

Fashion icon and stylist Abraynz sent his Facebook followers into a stir after he posted a shocking post on his page.

Real names Brian Ahumuza, he took to his wall and posted singer Rickman Manrick donning one of his collections.

“Rickman Manrick styler in Abraynz collection for his latest music video ft Eddy Kenzo.

Get styled by me (ABRAYNZ) for only 1000 USD.”

This left his followers baffled at this caption wondering if the 1000 dollars contains the clothes too.

“Wait. What? 1000 USD for what? I guess I’m broke or don’t know anything about fashion
,” one of his followers siad.

This was when the stylist let the cat out of the bag.

He said that this is just him working on you and not part of the clothes.

“For me to just style you. Not for the clothes, the clothes is a different story,” he replied to his follower.

A quick conversion is that to get styled by Abraynz just minus the clothes is 3.6 million shillings.

The fashionista has become renowned for outrageous prices for his merchandise.

Besides most of his fashion is way outrageous and too urban for a Ugandan setting but what do we know about fashion!!

He still has huge numbers of clients and he’s currently probably the best in Uganda and one of the finest on the Blackman’s Continent.

Written by Aine Siggy

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