Pastor Bugingo fears prison insists Suzan Makula is just a friend

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has insisted that Suzan Makula is not his wife like people say but just a friend.

All this happened after he was taken to court by city lawyer counsel Male Mabirizi for conducting a marriage ceremony with second wife before officially divorcing the first wife.

Pastor Bugingo looks not to be ready for prison because when he reached in the court, he said he has never had a wedding ceremony wit Suzan Makula the party that happened was a get together and Makula was just invited as a friend.

“I have never conducted a wedding ceremony with Suzan Makula. The party that happened was a get together and I invited her as any other friend.”

His denial of conducting a wedding ceremony helped him request for a court bail which was granted to him yesterday.

His ex wife Teddy Naluswa was also in court in company of city lawyer Male Mabirizi.

Written by Aine Siggy

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