Gravity Omutujju Names His Best Ugandan Rappers

Rap/HipHop music is one type of music that is renowned for beef and survival of artists being pinned against each other.

However this does not make them less of peaceful people as cited by Gravity Omutujju who came out to name his 5 best Ugandan rappers.

While appearing on Galaxy FM’s Evening Rush program, the Tusimbudde singer listed the 5 rappers he thinks are the best.

Interestingly, he named some of those that have been renowned for clashing with him.

Gravity in no particular order named Feffe Bussi, GNL Zamba, Fik Fameica, Jim Nola and Da Agent as the best.

He said thst he would have named Navio but he’s not a fan of English rap.

Questioned about his choice of Fefe Bussi who at one time said that Gravity does not sing Lugaflow, Gravity acted mature and said that Fefe Bussi’s statements don’t mean that he’s not good.

“I would pick Feffe Bussi, he’s good. GNL Zamba is also good. The likes of Fik Fameica, Da Agent and Jim Nola are good too. I would have picked Navio but I’m not a fan of wrapping in English.

Feffe dissed me but that doesn’t mean he’s not good. I respect his opinion, ” Gravity said.

It takes some level of maturity to acknowledge others especially coming from Gravity’s perspective.

He’s been known for creating unnecessary beefs with other singers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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