Judith Babirye continues to shock citizens

Gospel artist Judith Babirye has continued to shock citizens when she publically apologized for the things she has been doing.

At first Judith Babirye’s shock was when she married someone’s husband in 2018 and divorced after one year of marriage.

After all that saga, Judith Babirye flew to Canada where she has been living quietly. Yesterday was another day for shock when the singer came out publically and apologized for the bad things she has been doing.

“Am apologising for the second marriage I went into , what I did wasn’t right, am apologising to Uganda as a nation, please forgive me, am apologising to the Christian/Born again believers who were affected, to those who love me, to those who love my songs and to rest who were hurt by the bad thing I did ,forgive me, am apologising to the young people who see me as their role model, those who want to become the future Judith BABIRYEs am humbly requesting you not to do this thing I did (second marriage) what I did wasn’t right, am apologising to Mis Lukiya Ntale (Ex-cowife) please forgive me for the mistake I did, am requesting God to give you a forgiving heart because it’s not forced, it just comes from someone’s heart”

Some Ugandans sided with her but others wondered why she come out to apologise at this moment.

Written by Aine Siggy

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