Video: Feffe Busi and Karole Kasita in love

According to the latest credible sources singers Feffe Bussi and Karole Kasita are doing themselves and even deeply in love.

This is based on the evidence gathered by YouTuber, Sean Musa Carter.

In a video posted on his YouTube page, Karole and Feffe are heard calling each other babe in phone calls.

Karole Kasita even at one point asks the rapper if she can go and spend a night at his place to which he consents.

The two are then heard telling each other how they will be missing one another as Karole was planning to go somewhere for a performance.

In another part of this audio, Karole asks Feffe if he received the weed (enjaga) that she sent him to which Feffe says he didn’t.

Also in this conversation, the Balance singer is heard ordering for a cake to gift Feffe Bussi from Zuena Bebe Cool’s wife.

The pair is even said to be in plans to legalize their relationship.

The full conversation is below in the video.

Written by Aine Siggy

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