My Father showed up in my life in 2018 – Pia Pounds emotionally narrates her story

Singer Kirabo Tracy commonly known as Pia Pounds has emotionally narrated her childhood story saying her father appeared in her life of recent 2018.

Pia Pounds has been in the music industry for like 6 years but she just broke through last year in 2021 with ‘Tupaate’ as her break through song.

Songstress Pia Pounds said she lost her mother at a very young age and she grew up in the hands of her aunties from the mother’s side and those are the people that educated her, and gave her everything she needed.

While with her aunties, Pia said they were always searching for her father for a longtime but could not find him and fortunately in 2018 someone directed them where her father could be and that’s how he was found.

“I didn’t know my father growing up. He showed up in 2018 after a long time of searching for him. We were looking for each other and right now, I am just getting to know him,” Pia Pounds said.

Pia Pounds went ahead and said she thought when she gets her father, life would be better because he would look after her something that turned the other way around because he also needed care.

Pia said she is working hard to better the life of her dad because they love each other.

“When I met my father after years of searching, I thought life would get better. I thought he would take care of me. Turns out he also needed care. He loves me and I am working hard to better his life and lives of my sibling.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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