Catherine Kusasira names the people suffocating her in NRM

Female musician Catherine Kusasira has come out to name the people making her life miserable in NRM.

The Kambasalize singer earlier took to her Facebook page to hit out at the party.

She cursed it saying that she’s lost everything ever since she joined it from friends, business to career.

Kusasira painfully said that none of her efforts have been rewarded.

“I have lost everything because of my party NRM, there is alot of unfairness in NRM as a party. You work hard and be committed to everything in the party for the betterment but never to be appreciated. I really sacrificed alot during the last campaigns where I even went for bank loans and started projects as a way of motivating the youths as a tactic of fighting the pressure group that had arose(NUP). Why NRM. I have lost alot because of you, business, friends and fans bkoz of choosing you as my part. I thought president MUSEVENI was the commandant and his was always respected by his representatives but then it’s vise versa bkoz for whoever he directs to perform they do the opposite..I have never been rewarded and appreciated for the strength and commitment I showed during that time..but instead lost everything I had before.. lwaki NRM you such a disgrace to me and to us who sacrificed everything bkoz of you.. ..president MUSEVENI bangi sibaano.. those you trust will be the lead in your downfall.”

People started telling her how she chose the road herself and got her future secured.

Some pointed out the car she was given and the money she used to pose around with.

Shockingly Kusasira said that the money did not belong to the NRM.

She in fact took a bank loan and financed some projects on behalf of the party.

Kusasira Further said that the car was simply a gift from the President.

She then faulted the mafia for her troubles and it seems it’s a man and woman that are behind her suffering in the party.

She said that she won’t sit back and watch as this “kisajja gwe ne kikazigwe” make her life miserable.

Well that’s it for you, we shall wait and see how this fares out.

Written by Aine Siggy

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