Drama as Miss Uganda catches husband cheating red-handed

There was drama in Entebbe at St Louis Hospital after the 2002 Miss Uganda UK, Lilian Kalule nabbed her husband, Dr James Kalule busy bonking one of his workers.

Its said that she has for long been hearing rumors about her husband’s infidelity.

She however wanted to catch him herself in the act before she could believe the rumors.

It’s said on the fateful day, Lilian received a phone call from one of the workers at the hospital whom she had planted to spy on the husband.

Lilian managed to make it to the hospital and found her husband busy enjoying one of the nurse’s beans.

This nurse known by the names of Mercy Kilabira is said to be four months pregnant for the doctor.

Nurse Mercy Kilabira

The two were in Kilabira’s room which is located at the hospital.

Lilian started shouting at the two forbidden fruit eaters causing a scene which attracted onlookers.

Dr Kalule and Mercy later fled the scene as residents who were worried that things might get worse called the Police to come and calm the situation.

The couple has been married for about 13 years now.

They have a number of investments together including this hospital which had become a slaughter house for Dr Kalule as he’s been harvesting most of his preys there.

Written by Aine Siggy

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