Stella Nyanzi celebrates death of ‘homophobic’ Lokodo

Controversial former Makerere University don Prof Stella Nyanzi always raises eyebrows whenever she takes to her social media platforms.

The professor who specialized in sexuality studies took to her Facebook page to celebrate the death of former Ethics Minister Fr Simon Lokodo.

Lokodo passed away on Saturday in Geneva Switzerland and as the country mourns him, Nyanzi and the gay community celebrated his death because he was a stumbling block to realizing their rights.

Nyanzi said that Lokodo preached hate against the homosexuals yet the Bible calls for loving one another.

She went ahead to condemn the Minister to go and rot in hell.

“A Ugandan homophobe died today in Geneva. I join Uganda’s homosexuals to celebrate his death. Simon Lokodo, from your hatred we are delivered. Oh, how you campaigned to legalize queer death. You joined Ssempa preaching hatred to believers. You enforced Bahati’s homophobia with such rage. There is no sorrow for your demise. May you rot in hell for your homohomophobia,” She wrote.

She further castigated him for preaching against women wearing miniskirts.

Nyanzi who recently fled Uganda to Germany added that women will dance to the tunes of Lokodo’s death.

“Lokodo, you shamed women’s bodies in the motherland. Alas how craftly you worked to penalise our exposed bodies. You championed the anti-pornography law in Uganda. You steered the policing of women’s sensuality and choice.
“There is no sorrow for your departure. May you rot in hell for your misogyny. We shall dance on the graves of Museveni’s sycophants who oppressed us in the service of Musevenism! Aluta continua,” Nyanzi added.

In 2015, the late ex Minister ordered for the arrest of Stella Nyanzi after she undressed herself in public protesting being locked out of office at Makerere University.

Written by Aine Siggy

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