I’m not your child’s role model, leave me alone- Sheila Gashumba to critics

TV presenter Sheila Gashumba has come out to lash out at parents that want to enslave her because she’s a role model to their children.

There is no absolute doubt that a lot of young people look up to these people in the limelight.

Therefore most of the things they do are copied by these young people.

It therekce forces these celebrities to live a cautious life for fear of facing backlash and being branded bad role models.

However, the self styled Lil Stunner has come out to say that she won’t be enslaved by anyone only because she’s a role model to any sort of thing.

She advised parents to be the role models to their own children because she won’t change her social media content to please anyone as she also has a life to live.

There you have it, if you live your children to be groomed by social media sites and technology, all you will harvest will be tears.

This is because these people also have a life of their own to live and have different flaws.

Written by Aine Siggy

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