More secrets about Late Mozey Radio’s relationships revealed

More surprising secrets about the late Moses Ssekibogo commonly known as Mozey Radio of the duo Radio and Weasle relationships have been revealed.

Moses Radio was loved by different women although he had those three women who he had children with and referred to them as his women

One of Mozey Radio’s best friend Sammy Cool, said Radio loved one of those women so much in that he was planning to even wed her in 2019.

Mozey died in 2018 before he fulfilled his dream of wedding his most loved woman who was a white known as Karen.

“Mowzey Radio loved his children and the Mzungu wife, Karen Gammeltoft so much that he was planning to wed her”

Most Ugandans thought Lillian Mbabazi was the official wife of Mozey but his best friend Sammy said Mozey said Karen was his official wife because she understood him more than any other woman.

Written by Aine Siggy

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