Vivian Tendo makes Uturn on Yesse Oman Rafiki

Singer Vivian Tendo has made a Uturn in regards to her ex manager ,Yesse Oman Rafiki.

It should be recalled that the Hajjati wa Hajji singer and the songwriter dominated the news a while ago.

This followed a fallout between the two as Yesse was Vivian Tendo’s manager and brought her to stardom.

She however later decided to quit the label a thing that annoyed Yesse.

He resorted to sending her threatening messages of harming her which she also released online in fear of her life.

The two had resolved to end the matter in case.

Vivian Tendo however revealed that she’s willing to talk to him and beisde holds no bad blood for him.

She added that she has massive respect for him and would even be willing to talk to him again.

He however blocked her she added.

She also said that the songwriter took the matter far.

Written by Aine Siggy

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