Mickie Wine distances himself from Bobi Wine

Mickie Wine the younger brother to Bobi Wine has come out to distance himself from his older brother BobiWine.

This was during a sermon held at Pastor Bugingo’s House of Prayer International Ministries.

It was a surprise to many of the associates to the NUP/Firebase camp to see the Sulubada headmaster at Canaan land.

This is because Bugingo is a known sworn enemy of Bobi Wine.

He has on several occasions criticized the NUP leader which has also seen him being attacked by the people power camp.

It was therefore a big surprise to see Mickie Wine at Canaan Land even performing.

The singer even went a step further to distancing himself from Bobi Wine.

This was after he said that none of his achievements have been influenced by the former presidential candidate.

Mickie wine added that it always hurts him when his success is attributed to his older brother yet he worked for everything alone.

He also said that his music journey is as a result of his hustle and not his brother’s influence.

“People used to say that I was singing because of Bobi wine. All my money and everything, there’s no Bobi’s contribution. He has not contributed anything towards all my success,” He said.

And as it’s known with the NUP camp attacking everyone regardless of who they are,they started right away accusing the singer of being a traitor.

This is because he was dining with someone they are boycotting.

Written by Aine Siggy

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