Why did u marry Willy’s girl? Fans pin Bruno K

Fans took to singer Bruno K’s twitter page to question him why he decided to marry Willy’s girl.

The singer took to his social media pages and posted pictures of him in a wedding ceremony.

He then said that he who finds a wife finds good things.

This saw some fans congratulate him thinking thay he had indeed married.

Some were however stunned that it wasn’t Faridah Nakazibwe in the photos as the bride.

However, the bride’s tattoo on the arm caught Bruno’s followers’ attention and they busted him.

“I see willy as tattoo, guess wat he will do to u.”

Bruno took to his Twitter page to defend himself saying that Willy should be told his wife has been conquered.

However, these were upcoming visuals for his new song titled Leero Mbaga.

It was only a stunt from the singer to promote it but fans unearthed the trick.

It’s further said that the singer penned this song directly for Faridah Nakazibwe.

Written by Aine Siggy

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