Judith Heard reveals how she almost lost her audio senses

Socialite and model Judith Heard has come out to reveal how she almost lost her hearing senses.

This was after a video of her surfaced on social media receiving treatment in her ear.

It’s said that this was for a blood clot and she truly appeared to be in much pain.

While reacting to this moment, the model revealed that “I almost lost my hearing a few days ago please don’t make me remember this.”

She further said that she suffered from severe headaches after suffering from this bloodclot.

Nalongo Judith further said that thought it was a big cotton bud stuck in her ear.

However after intense pain, she went for medical attention only to find a blood clot.

She received the necessary treatment and also advised her followers to avoid using cotton buds just as she was advised by the doctor.


Written by Aine Siggy

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