Pallaso reveals why Weasel didn’t show up for Radio’s Memorial

Singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has come out to reveal why his brother Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo failed to show up for the memorial held for his late singing partner Radio.

It should be noted that every 1st of February was dedicated to the memory of Radio.

Fans as well as artists show up to his burial grounds in Kagga, Nakawuka to pray for the soul of the late singer and remember him.

It was however a disappointment this time round as Weasel who was Radio’s singing partner wasn’t spotted anywhere.

This was despite him performing at Comdey Store the day before.

This in fact raised some eyebrows on how and why he could miss such an improvement occasion.

Pallaso however said that his brother failed to make it because of grief.

He added thatbhe was too shaken and grief-stricken that the Malamu singer had to resort to comforting him.

Four years on and Weasel still can’t get over his late musical partner.

A number of artists however graced the ceremony such as Ykee Benda, B2C, Karole Kasita among others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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