Politics ended please support me – Big Eye cries to Ugandans

Faded artist Mayanja Ibrahim commonly known as Big Eye StarBoss has pleaded to Ugandans, at least to let him perform this time around.

This came after Uganda finally opening up the entertainment industry after two full years of total lockdown due to Covid19.

The last time Big Eye performed was in 2019 and things didn’t go on well for him as fans threw empty bottles sending him away from the stage because he supports the ruling party NRM.

Now, Big Eye has come out to plead to Ugandans not to treat him like they did the last time because politics ended and now it is time for new music and singing on politics.

“Please Ugandans leave me to perform politics ended we are now ready for music and concerts. I beg you allow me give you new music and also come to support me,” Big Eye said

Big Eye Starboss said promoters fear to bring him to their concerts because of insecurities.

Written by Aine Siggy

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