When I die ask Rema everything about me – Evelyne Namulondo

Actress Evelyn Namulondo has revealed that her best friend singer Rema Namakulu knows everything about her.

Rema and Namulondo have been best friends for more than eight years and their friendship looks to be growing every day.

In an interview with NTV Uganda, Evelyn Namulondo said when she dies, people should ask Rema her will and vice versa because they know everyone’s secrets in and out.

“When I die ask Rema everything about me even my will because I tell her every secret and she also tells me everything. I don’t think that there is anything that happens in my life without Rema knowing.” Evelyn Namulondo said

It is surprising that Namulondo was Eddy Kenzo’s friend first before Rema but when Rema broke up with Eddy Kenzo, she chose Rema over him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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