You need to get pregnant- Kapa Cat tells Sheebah

Dancehall singer Catherine Tumusiime popularly known as Kapa Cat has come out to give a piece of advice to the queen karma, SheebahKarungi.

Taking to her Facebook page, Kapa posted a picture of a pregnant Rihanna.

She then added Sheebah’s name with loudspeaker emojis as if telling her that she needs to get pregnant just like Rihanna.

This did not go well with some of Sheebah’s fans who bumped into the post.

Majority told her to stop disrespecting Sheebah because they are not in the same level.

Others advised her to pass on the advice to herself because she’s also a woman and even looks way older than the Nakyuka singer.

Both the two however have controversial sexual lifestyles.

Rumor has always had it how Sheebah has a liking for fellow women.

Kapa Cat on the other hand has also been seen in the company of fellow women in awkward positions.

Sheebah has however revealed overtime she’s in no rush to get into a relationship.

This is because she’s a single proud independent woman.

Written by Aine Siggy

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